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The (5th) Death Company
The Death Company is a company of Black Typhoons who have succumbed to Warp Rage, meaning they are no longer stable enough to serve in tactically selected squads, and serve as bezerkers to terrify and break enemy lines, as a last service to their chapter and Emperor. Warp Rage dates back to the Fall of the Dark Angels, for when Arkyrus was sucked through the warp, the gene seed was mutated, putting the entire chapter at risk from a furious rage, where the victim can only think of disembowelling the nearest foe. It is believed that the Gene-seed was tainted by an agent of Khorne who seized the opportunity to damage the forces of humanity with a well-placed deception. However, as this is not normally Khorne’s way, it is believed that there could be other forces, not necessarily chaos at play. For these reasons, the company must be kept under strict supervision so as not to warrant any investigation from the Inquisition, which would prove fatal for the rest of the chapter. Therefore, the company is only used in times of great need, and under careful order. When not at war, the incapacitated members are locked away in a dungeon system far in the depths of the chapter’s fortress-monastery, until they are needed. And for when they are needed, the enemy’s knees begin to tremble…

Special Rules:
· Furious Charge
· Feel No Pain
· Fearless

· Chainsword and bolt pistol
· Frag & Krak Grenades

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