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The Thunder Riders
The Thunder Riders are the 2nd Company of the Black Typhoons and consist entirely of Brethren on Space Marine Bikes, Space Marine Attack Bikes, and Space Marine Land Speeders of various types. They are formed into two types of squadron consisting of ten men. The Attack squadrons consist of one sergeant on bike, five brethren on bikes, 2 in an attack bike, and two crewing the land speeder. The Support squadron consists of 2 brethren in each of five land speeders.
There are three variants of Land Speeder that the Black Typhoons use: the Tornado with assault cannon, the Typhoon with typhoon launcher, and the standard version. They do not use the Storm variant as they do not field scouts in the Thunder Rider Company, but instead in the independent 3rd scout company

The Thunder Riders’ main purpose is to aid the rest of the Unforgiven in the hunt for the Fallen, helping capture various ex-Dark Angels. However, when not on the Mission, they are used as a fast strike force in the various campaigns that the Black Typhoons are fighting in, attacking swiftly at the heart of the enemy, and departing before the enemy has a chance to react. They are equipped with turbo-boosters to utilise their speed on the battlefield, covering large areas to claim objectives, or help a needy ally. They are also equipped with teleporter homers, so that they can bring in the 1st Company terminators to deal with any more dangerous adversaries.

Special Rules

Space Marine Bike
Land Speeder
Teleporter homer

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