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Wolfram Gunderin
Master of the 10th company
Gunderin had been a serving marine in the Black Typhoons for many centuries as part of the 8th tactical support company, boasting veteranship of countless crusades. However, after Abaddon’s infamous 10th crusade, Mars, the forge world of terra, came under siege from a force of Iron Warriors. As part of the army that went to combat the fleet, Gunderin was part of an assault on a chaos-held plasma generator which was key to the survival of the alpha legion forces. However, as the attack took place, it became apparent that the chaos forces had long since withdrawn, whilst setting the generator to detonation. Seeing the danger to his colleagues, Gunderin, despite having no commanding authority, demanded all others leave whilst he tried to defuse it. Unfortunately, as the last man escaped, Gunderin was not left with enough time to successfully prevent the explosion and was at the heart of the generator when the plant exploded, incinerating everything within a 10 milers radius to a plasma-burnt husk. Extraordinarily, Gunderin survived, and was pulled from the wreckage days later.

Plasma Wrath
After this ordeal, gunderin was seen as a hero, and promoted to master of the 10th devastator company, after his newfound prowess with his plasma cannon, which he had customised so he could hold it in one hand.
Since then, he has commanded many a victory, often felling enemy elites and commanders with a single well-placed shot, and his victories continue to amass, making him, as some would claim, the supposed successor to Arkyrus as Chapter Master when the time comes.

Special Rules:
· Fearless
· Independent character
· Unique
· Rites of battle
· Tank killer:
All members of Gunderin’s squad count as having the tank hunters special rule.
• Master-crafted plasma cannon
• Heavy weapon
• Iron Halo

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