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Master of the Death Company
As a child, Ares was violent and unstable person. He shunned attention, preferring to live on his own. When the Black Typhoons made their name in the Medusa campaign, he sought to join their ranks. For many years he travelled to find them before finally arriving, coincidently on a planet at the same time that the Black Typhoons were recruiting there.

The Strain
When the gene seed was implanted into Ares, deviations and mutations began to appear. The Inner Circle met and discovered it was corrupted due to the Warp. However, instead of destroying the gene-seed (and Ares), they decided to utilise this, and created a company especially for those with Warp Rage – the Death Company.

The Death Company
The Death Company was created to accommodate those with the Warp Rage strain of gene-seed. They are bezerkers, and are highly feared enemies. They are lethal in combat, for they are fearless, as they know that they have no option but to fight or die. Armed with a fearsome array of weaponry, they charge into combat without thought, their intent only to utterly destroy their enemy. There are also Death Company dreadnoughts who may be equipped with an additional dreadnought close combat weapon, instead of a main ranged weapon.

Special Rules:
v Fearless
v Feel No Pain
v Furious Charge
v Independent Character
v Unique
v Rites Of Battle
v If Ares is present, all Death Company units count as troops

v Power weapon, and The Earthshaker:
A single power fist that has no initiative penalties (strikes at Ares’ normal initiative)
v Iron Halo

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