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Andrial was taken into the Brethren from the death world of Hydraphur, on the brink of the roiling Eye of Terror. It was subject to many attacks over millennia, meaning the upbringing there was extremely harsh. This meant that Andrial grew up a hardened individual, shunning the outside world. His life was changed forever when his family were mercilessly slaughtered in Abbaddon’s 10th Black Crusade. From that day forth, Andrial swore revenge on those who murdered his family. He joined the Black Typhoons and quickly ascended through the ranks, becoming the Master of the 4th company within a century.

To Battle
Andrial has led the 4th company to victory in many a campaign including the Medusa campaign. However, his best was still to come in Abbaddon’s 12th Black Crusade. Hydraphur had fallen in days, along with various other worlds on the edge of the Eye of Terror. To blunt the attack, the Imperium stood en masse against the invaders across a front line spanning three star systems. Space Marine stood alongside guardsman and even the lowliest scribe. It was on the lonely planet of Vrragon VI that Andrial and the 4th Company made their stand. His valiant company destroyed attacking hordes, demons and traitors alike. In the midst of the swirling melee Andrial stood in hand to hand combat with the daemon prince. The foul creature struck Andrial a grievous blow, which enraged him. He got to his feet and decapitated the beast, which disintegrated instantly. In that instant the assailing demons vanished and the traitors began to turn and flee knowing that defeat was at hand. But the angels of death were upon them, and not one of them escaped with their lives...

Master of Initiation
Now past his prime, although still formidable in combat andrial takes command of the scout company instead of the 4th so that he is able to pass on what he knows to the next generation of warriors. On occasion, he joins the company in battle, armed with the fated power swords, as well as his trusty master-crafted sniper rifle that he has felled many a monster with.

Special Rules:
v Independent Character
v Fearless
v Rites of Battle
v Infiltrate
v Scouts
v If Andrial is present, all scout units count as scoring units

v Daemonbane:
A pair of power swords that brought about the end of the daemon prince.
v Master-crafted sniper rifle:
Range 48” SX AP1 Heavy 1
[re-roll to wound]

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