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Master of the Thunder Riders
The Maelstrom
Mercurus’ homeworld of Helix Alpha is situated on the brink of the Maelstrom, a warp storm near the centre of the known galaxy. It was here where Mercurus’ was raised, and when the Black Typhoons visited for recruitment, Mercurus was amongst one of the first admitted.

In the 41st millennium, the traitor renegade known as Huron Blackheart escaped the Imperium and, protected by the Dark Gods, settled in the Maelstrom. He wreaked havoc on the neighbouring worlds including Helix Alpha. Mercurus swore revenge on those who had killed his family and destroyed his homeworld, especially Huron Blackheart.

Mercurus quickly rose up the ranks of the Black Typhoons, becoming Master of the legendary Thunder Riders just over a millennium ago. His hatred for Huron has never failed, and he has led countless battles against Huron’s forces, but never once met him in combat, something he dearly wishes to do.

Special Rules:
Independent Character
Rites Of Battle
Preferred Enemy: Chaos (including Demons)
If Mercurus is present, Thunder Rider Attack squadrons can be taken as troops as well as fast attack

Space Marine Bike:
· Twin linked plasma guns
· Iron Halo
· Huron’s Bane: A master-crafted relic blade

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