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Felruss Kraan
Master of the 1st Company
Master at arms
Kraan was born on a deathworld where the only chance of survival lay in mastering the art of combat, honing his skills to perfection over the decades. When the black typhoons came to his homeworld in search of recruits, they held a gladiatorial contest so as to select the best aspirants. Kraan destroyed anyone and everyone he faced, making him the undisputed champion. At the end of the tournament, Kraan was accepted as an initiate, but that was not enough for him. Feeling his blood lust had not been satisfied by the poor competition he had faced, he demanded to challenge the greatest warrior in the chapter. After a short debate, the wish was granted, and none other than Arkyrus, chapter master and veteran of many millennia, stepped forward to accept his challenge. The fight was long and well fought, but Kraan was no match for the century-veteraned chapter master, and was beaten down after an initial flurry of blows that sent Arkyrus reeling. Fortunately for the young warrior, Arkyrus was not insulted by the challenge on his honour, and trained Kraan as his personal bodyguard. After many decades of service, and saving Arkyrus’ life on many occasions, he was finally promoted to master of the 1st company, a reward above all others, and the company has continued to achieve victory after victory under his command.

Special Rules:
· Fearless
· Rites of Battle
· Independent Character
· Unique
· Relentless

· Master crafted thunder hammer
· Storm shield
· Terminator armour with iron halo

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