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The Keeper
Ashmael is the Keeper of the vaults and records and supreme Librarian of the Black Typhoons. This title means that Ashmael must make sure that records are kept of all the chapter’s deeds and victories. He keeps all the secrets that none outside the Unforgiven may know about the Black Typhoons creation.
He is a dour individual, rarely speaking, except to pass judgement or to rally the warriors of the Black Typhoons in desperate times.

The Warrior
When not fulfilling his role as the Keeper, Ashmael is often found in the thick of the fighting whenever the Black Typhoons are at war. He uses both the Silencer and his potent psychic powers to annihilate his enemies. He is one of the most feared Psykers in the 41st millennium with his librarian bodyguard, the Keeper’s Wrath. He is a descendant of Ezerius, the librarian who scanned Arkyrus at the Black Typhoons creation. He is also the brother of Ezekiel, the Grand master of Librarians of the Dark Angels, and they join forces as the Dread Keepers when the time is dire and they are needed.

The Silencer
The Silencer is Ashmael’s most potent force weapon, capable of felling the most deadly individual, man or beast. It is a unique weapon, a mace like no other. Many a foe has run from the sight of this deadly weapon, than face its wrath.

The Battle of Zahrain
It was at the battle of Zahrain where Ashmael really earned his deadly reputation. The Necron forces had carved a deadly hole in the Imperium’s forces, and were making its way slowly to the headquarters. Ashmael angered by this thought rallied Black Typhoons and Imperial Guard alike in one vast counter-attack. At the heart of the combat, the Keeper’s Wrath fought in hand-to-hand combat with the C’tan. It claimed two librarians, before Ashmael finally felled the foul creature's essence, dissipating away. The Necron forces immediately began to fade, returning to the Tomb Fleet, which was swiftly torn apart by the orbiting Imperial strike force.

Special Rules:
v Independent Character
v Special Character
v Fearless
v Psyker
v The Keeper’s Wrath: Up to five librarians may join Ashmael as a bodyguard. They are fearless.
v Dread Keepers: Ashmael may join Ezekiel (with any bodyguard) to make the Dread Keepers. They are fearless and in combat may make one strength 10 force-weapon attack instead of their usual attacks. Moreover they have Furious Charge and gain +1WS and+1A against Chaos.
 The Silencer: A force weapon. Any unit Ashmael assaults must take a morale test, fearless or not.
 The Protection of the Keeper: Artificer armour that provides a 2+ armour save.
 Stormbolter
 Ashmael may use up to three psychic powers per turn

Psychic Powers:
 Force Barrier
 Space Marine Psychic Powers
 The Wrath of the Typhoon

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