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The Warp
During the fateful events that happened on the day of the destruction of Caliban and the fall of the traitors, one of the Brethren was amidst the thick of the fighting. Arkyrus was a Kimonean that had been recruited into the Dark Angels in the time after the Great Crusade, and was one of the Chapter’s most trusted sergeants. During the final battle between the chaos-ridden Luther and the great Primarch, Lion El’Jonson, a cataclysmic warp rift opened and threw the Fallen far and wide across the universe. However, it also took one and only one of the faithful Dark Angels. Arkyrus. The reasons for this event remain uncovered, and appear to be deliberately hidden by a certain individual with specific intent to hide incriminating details. He was swept away onto the far-fallen planet of Fearan VI. He was cast there while entire millennia past, seeming only the blink of an eye to Arkyrus. He was not sought after by his Brethren, as they feared him dead. He decided to make the long journey to Terra to see the High Lords for he had one thing on his mind. Not to rejoin the Dark Angels, but to create his own chapter who would concentrate on destroying the forces of chaos especially those of the Fallen. It took him many decades, giving him time to further hone his skills as a mercenary, freedom fighter and assassin but eventually he reached Terra in the early 40th Millenium. During this time he discovered that his abilities had been increased greatly, due to the warp travel.

The High Lords
When Arkyrus reached Terra, he petitioned the High Lords of Terra to create his own chapter, drawing support from other key characters who had heard his name written in the legends of the Dark Angels. The High Lords granted his wish, and so the Black Typhoons were created as an almost successor chapter of the Dark Angels. Since their creation, under Arkyrus’ leadership they have fought in many a campaign alone or alongside the Dark Angels, or other Unforgiven chapters. They are merciless in the face of their enemies and will never fail to stand their ground, for they are the dedicated enemies of Chaos and the Fallen and will do anything to destroy them.

Special Rules:
v Independent Character
v Eternal Warrior
v Fearless – conferred to all units within 12” of Him.
v Rites of Battle
v Orbital Bombardment
v Chapter Tactics – All units with the And They Shall Know No Fear rule gain counter attack and preferred enemy against Chaos (including Daemons)

v Armour of the Warp: Gives Arkyrus a 2+ armour save, and 4+ invulnerable save. It is Terminator armour, meaning Arkyrus may Deepstrike.
v Gauntlets of Destruction: A pair of lightning claws with under slung master-crafted multimelta and heavy flamer. The gauntlets work as a pair of lightning claws striking at strength 6 in combat, and Arkyrus can fire both ranged weapons per turn.
v Psychic Hood

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