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The Black Typhoons is my new DA successor chapter so I thought I might post some fluff and rules....

Black Typhoons Background:

The chapter was formed at request by the to-be chapter master Arkyrus, ex-Dark Angel in order to combat the growing threat of chaos in the 37th Millennium
The gene-seed is a mix of mostly Dark Angels, but also made up by others.
The gene-seed is flawed, due to events that will be explained later
The chapter's homeworld is a feral world called Fearan VI and is situated on the southern edge of the Imperium.
The chapter follows a mostly deviant form of the codex astartes, maintaining battle companies trained to deal specifically with one foe (Orks, Chaos, Necrons, Tyranids), a veteran company, the Thunder Rider company (similar to the Ravenwing), a death company, a scout company, 1 of each reserve company, and the (non-playable) rogue 13th company.
The chapter has close links with the Dark Angels
However, it has a deep hatred for all xenos, but specifically Chaos, and has a rivalry with the Inquisition.

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