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Originally Posted by Vaz View Post
Forge World is your dream.
Yes it is.

If you're looking for Elysian Chimera based, *shudder* try having a look at combining a Tauros (or 2, or a Venator) with a Chimera. Make them on wheels.
Ya...not gonna hack and slash a perfectly awesome model like that. Might use the Tauros as a count-as hellhound.

I may this for my Chimera, I had seen it before but I completely forgot about it until you mentioned putting the Chimera on wheels. It looks good based on the final picture put up.

Perhaps a Predator Turret (Baal Flamer for Heavy Flamer/Inferno Cannon, swapping autocannon for a single Lascannon = multilaser, and there's no point in a heavy bolter).
Good idea. The Predator turret would definitely help with the hideously small turret they currently have on the Chimera.

Lemon Russ, could use the Mars Alpha hull - more sleek.
Found it on the Forge World website, but it has only a single picture with a not so good angle. Do you know where I could find some more pics?

As said, taking any spare standard lasgun muzzle breaks, clipping them off, and the Bullpup carry handles, and reattaching as scopes are the way to roll.
I had never thought of that before you mentioned it in my other thread. And you can find bulk lasguns so cheap on eBay
Could perhaps look into current attachments on weapons - telescopic stocks, longer barrelled DMR rifles, bipods, foregrips, UGL's, MASS, railsets, perhaps changing the ammunition box from a battery to proper ammuniton, etc.

Have a search round tactical websites such as UKTactical for ideas.
I'll check it out. I already found this awesome tutorial for miniature Digital camouflage. Rock salt, who knew?


Originally Posted by Commissar Schultz View Post
Did they make an Elysian Guard regiment? I was looking through my Feb 2011 issue of White Dwarf and they had an Elysian Trooper, that was different from the conversion someone first made for them waaaaaay back in the day during the Armegeddon campaign.
Elysian Drop Troops
And they look awesome too.

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