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Default Examples of High-tech Imperial Guard?

Since I'm finally working on my Imperial Guard(Only got a Kasrkin Squad and a Valkyrie, but the rest is coming), I need some inspiration. I want to make my guard look as High Tech as possible, so I was wondering if anyone had any examples of what other people have done for a High-tech or modern looking Imperial Guard Army.

I mostly need ideas for improving the look of the IG vehicles(Chimera-chassis vehicles, Leman Russ, etc... Valkyrie looks pretty good already) , since I'm using Elysians and already am planning on putting some scopes on the lasguns and putting balaclavas on the heads, but infantry examples are awesome as well.

I've been searching google for a while and couldn't really find anything, so anyone willing to help will get an E-Cookie. Thanks.

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