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Greetings from Oslo, Norway.

I started painting miniatures, using em as models when we played D&D , that is 18 years ago..my god..time flies.. but It wasnt until 8 more year had passed that me and my mates moved on playing warhammer Fantasy. I was working at a youth club at the time, and I made my own Warhammer coven, inside the club, getting even the rascals and "outcasts" to sit still and paint and chat. I ran that "club in club" for 3 more years, and had tons of Brettonian cavalry, archers and the works. I also had a Vampire count army, Beastmen and some High Elves...At some point I got worned out, It just got to much, I got sick of the job, game, the lots.. I hit a drought, which will happen if u overdo any activity.. So i started Warhammer 40K ,instead and sold my WHFB to my close mate (so I can still use it, I havnt tho) to fund my new passion...I went for TAU...then Necrons....then Chaos........then Nids.....and now Orks.....all armies painted and ready (Orks still in progress , I started them a month ago). We have a great game community with close mates, and the odd friend. We host games and tourney, which has gotten so good rep now, even the local Oslo GW staff fights to attend them , We are 6 really dedicated gamers who makes all the terrain aswell, creating Fixed tables of high quality, which are 3 pieces, who all can rotate so u can get alot of combinations..

I got a 3 year old kid, which I "share" with my Xgf a 50/50 deal. Im also lucky with my new girlfriend who fully understands my passion for this game.

32 years of age, and still playing with plastic men and Frikking proud of it too!

Stay sharp!

Orks - Salamanders - IG -Tau - Necron - Csm - Nids - Dark Eldar
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