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word count 1062

The sounds of battle raged round the township like mighty gods fighting over their territories. Deafening booms of the attack craft seared the skies above as they dove for the enemies logisitical posisitions.

Tanks rumbeled over the once green fields leaving their track marks imbedded deep, heads turning to let loose their mighty salvo at an enemy that was in dissaray. The battle for Kannada was soon to be declaired victorious and that is what the warmaster of the Mersenian cluster desperatly wanted.

Every other battle had been lost or drawn and no decisive victory had been attainable, until now. General Dak Sorren had been certain that this would be the turning point in the war.

Truly, with the victories won this day and over the last week, the god-emperor was finally smiling at them. He raised a glass of amasec to the heavens and toasted the soul of the imperiums deity.

With a lull in the fighting he called his command staff into his tent. Filled with the joys of victory and the high on the praise he would receive from the warmaster, he could not help but grin broadly and he hoped his high spirits would be infectious.

Overhead, the fighters returned to their vessels in orbit and as he watched them whirl victoriously away, he had his vox officer send his compliments and congratulations to the Wrath of the Emperor

His second was a tall lanky looking fellow with dark hair and even darker eyes and, once where he would have been vocal he was now strangely quiet. When the general asked why he had nothing to contribute to the victory talk he simply said,

“We have not yet finished sir,”

“What do you mean not yet finished?” The tank commander frowned “We have routed them and it is a matter of hours before this region is secure”

“There is the issue of the ahem church” he cleared his throat a little, uncomfortable with using such a word but knowing that he had to “it is, so my scouts report sir, the main base of operations”

The general nodded, Frena was quite correct in his words, the locals here had holed up in the local place of their religion and it was their job to completely erase the building, there was after all only one god in this universe and that was theirs.

“I shall lead the final operation myself major, what do you suggest?”

The major cleared his throat once more and stepped over to the battle map he studied it for a moment and then pointed at the church itself.

“Perhaps if you spoke to them first sir, it might give them reason to understand that their war is lost and to become, model citizens as it were. That way sir, you would be seen as a beneficent war commander and it would make life a lot easier.”

The major knew that this would appeal to his commanders vanity, if he could orchestrate a surrender then they could get the people out and destroy the building. Maybe build a new one to the rightful god of the universe.

It was decided that the general, major and half a dozen of his hand picked men would travel the five kilometres to the church. Once there the general would start negations for the surrender of the towns’ people.

The church was nothing remarkable in itself. Just a small white building that had seen better days. A bell tower and holes where the stained glass windows used to be but had obviously been blown out with all the shelling and bombarding from the imperiums forces.

The general spoke through a loud hailer asking the residents to surrender and they shall be shown great mercy and incorporated into the new world that Kannada would become.

Nothing inside moved and after several attempts the general turned to Frena and shrugged.

“I have no option Frena, I have to take them by force now, lets move in and try not to kill anyone but if you have to then you have to”

The major saluted and passed the generals orders along his men and shortly after they made their way towards the church and inside,

People stood round the alter but it was no alter that the general had ever seen before in his life but as he swung his light round the congregation at the front he almost vomited in horror at what he saw.

The crucified bodies of the third company scouts that had been missing in action for several days hung from the rafters. Their insides split open and chaos sigils carved in their blood on their chests but what made him retch was their heads.

Boiled away of their flesh, their skulls set in a pile at the foot of the alter and a pot of their blood boiling away.

“Frena kill the deviant bastards”

“I can’t do that sir” Frena brushed past the general and moved to the front of the alter and knelt before the priest of the blood god.

The priest daubed the majors foreheads with the signs of Khorne on his forehead and the major picked up a chainsaw, started it whirring and turned to face the general who was mouthing silently.

“Hold him” Frena ordered.

The general found himself held fast by the men that had accompanied him and spoke into his collar vox, all outside the sounds of war stopped.

“You will not get away with this!” The general seethed “You will die”

“Then my service to the blood god is complete general” Frena moved towards him, the chain sword revving louder “By now my men and women will have killed the command staff and aboard the Wrath of the Emperor the flight crews and soldiers that have returned will have done all they can.

This world is not for you but it is for us. There is no mercy and my master cares not where the blood flows general, just that it flows and I would rather serve a lord of war then a corpse on a throne that doesn’t give a shit about me”

The last thing the general felt was the chain sword ripping his insides apart and the maniacal laughter of his former trusted second and if he could have done he would have wept for the irony.
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