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Originally Posted by Ardias26 View Post
Please tell me this new GK fluff isnt true...I thought the warp was supposed to be cthonic instant insanity if you even look upon it kind of thing. Now we basically have an unkillable GK running around in it, maybe Matt Ward should throw in sly marbo while he is at it. This is exactly like what blizzard is doing with World of Warcrap, dumbing down the backstory to sellout to 13 yr old kids with an epeen complex (the game itself has pretty much been buttraped to shit now because of this).
Sadly to my knowledge it is true. I can believe the idea of a GK being cursed and stuck wandering the warp but not wreaking massive havoc within it. That is just to unbelieveable.

My god I for about ram- i mean sly marbo. That char. was such a cheesball

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