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Here is my entry. It sounded intriguing and currently runs at 1056 words according to my word count, discounting title.

The Purging of Slis'thrak

A small task force sent by the greedy, uncaring agency of the inquisition for just one simple task. Eliminate the Daemon Prince Slis’thrak.

The task force, consisting of 5 Ultramarines Honour Guard were led by Inquisitor Joishan Membrance. They were following tracks believed to have been laid by his followers from the burnt out remains of the town in the hope they would lead to the main villain himself.

“Just how far do you think their main encampment is inquisitor?” asked Artorious, the leader of the Honour Guard and one of its most promising members to be promoted to captain.

“They are not too far now.” Replied Joishan, stroking his beard at the tracks arrayed before them. “See how they are more careless now since they believe no-one will have followed them this far”.

What the noble inquisitor had no idea of however was that their every movement was being watched.


Sorcerer of Slaanesh, Bliss’thera, contemplated this new set of arrivals. Clearly these honour guards and their inquisitor would prove to be a worthy challenge for him but he knew he must not be too overconfident. He summoned a member of the chaos marines under his command.

“Kill the men who seek the head of our beloved master”

“How many should be sent out my lord” asked the chaos marine.

“All of your squad and send Glorium the defiler as well. Not one of them has meltabombs so they will not defeat you. In fact I shall join you as well. No need to alert the master at his meditations when we can deal with this.”

They left to set up the ambush.


Inquisitor Joishan felt uneasy. So far their mission had gone easily, almost too easily. However he soon cast these doubts aside when Brother Maxim returned.

“My lord. The chaos camp and their damned master has been sighted over the next ridge”.

“Good, let’s move in with a general advance and despatch them whilst they have not seen our pre.....”

“FOR THE GLORY OF CHAOS!!” A chaos marine jumped out from a nearby bush. Followed by others.

They were mostly armed with close combat weapons although the warriors of the imperium noticed many other armaments on their person. With practiced precision enacted over many centuries of battle the Honour Guard opened fire with their bolters before drawing out revered power weapons. Inquisitor Joishan unleashed the fury of his psycnnon at the traitors and when they came too close beat them off with his sacred daemonhammer. The poorly disciplined warriors fell apart within a few moments. Although their victory was short lived. A Defiler burst through the foliage. At the same time Brother Artorious was dragged along the floor towards the defiler by an ethereal, whip like, energy lash.

“They have a sorcerer!” screamed Joishan as he cast his thoughts on how to deal with both of these unexpected nightmares. He never saw Artorious in his struggle with the defiler. Unfazed as he was dragged towards the mad machine, noticed a meltagun from a Chaos marine who had been shot before his brethren charged. Using fast reflexes he grabbed the weapon from the floor and had wielded it around just in time for being winched in front of the cursed machine. Praying in his faith to the immortal emperor the marine discharged the melta gun and managed to hit the defiler with its volcanic-like blast. The machine keeled over, torso separating from its legs. The legs, unable to operate slumped to the ground. The torso kept growling however until Artorious unleashed a second blast which blew the thing into many tiny pieces. Then he was hit from behind on the floor and lost vision.

Bliss’thera was not happy. These interlopers had defeated his secret weapon but he knew he was going to kill one of them before escaping. However as he stood over the powerless marine, about to unleash a planned monologue his head suddenly exploded.

Inquisitor Joishan had just dashed to where Artorious lay. Brother Maxim noticed the inquisitor grasp a piece of jewellery before the sorcerers head exploded.

“What happened just now Inquisitor?”

“Do not ask that question because there are 3 answers. Each of which is horrifying and true to know” countered the Inqusitor.

“Let’s move from here. We must reach Slis’thrak before we meet others.” The other Space Marines agreed and they swiftly advanced into the camp.


The Inquisitor was able to locate his presence quickly and at a big cave. However soon upon arriving at the cave the rest of the Daemons warband arrived to protect their master.

“You must confront the Daemon Inquisitor! You are the only one capable of defeating the monstrosity!” Shouted Artorious.

The Inquisitor nodded and advanced into the cave. Robes trailing.


Joishan reached the centre of the cave. However he was most surprised to see the Daemon confront him.

“Well. It seems that not any normal Inquisitor has come for me. I am impressed with those brought here. You truly are great at your craft.” Growled Slis’thrak.

“You will die here Slis’thrak!” Bellowed the Inquisitor.

“Drop the rhetoric dear Inquisitor. I know who you really are.”

Joishan once again grasped his jewellery. And charged the daemon.


The 2 Chaos Marines stood outside the cave. They had charged the Ultramarines along with their many brethren and after long fighting had defeated and killed every one of them. However many of the warband had not survived and it was deemed necessary to leave this planet before more enemies arrived.

As the 2 marines began arguing about who was to report the losses to Slis’thrak the first marine was blown across the camp by a powerful force of lightning. He died nearly instantaneously and the second marine saw the thin, lithe figure responsible for the carnage emerge from the cave and charged it. His head exploded soon after his desperate charge.

The Eldar Farseer looked over him with a passing curiosity. He cared nothing to the rest of the panet. Only that his own agenda had been completed. He grasped his spirit stone and psychically opened communications with the craftworld.

“My job here is done. Both Slis’thrak and Artorious, the biggest threats to our craftworld have been neutralised. Extract me immediately.” Farseer Calvyn’eia smiled beneath his helm as he walked away from the charred remains of the camp.


Hope it fits requirements. I thought it would be funny to have an Eldar Farseer masquerade as an Inquisitor to gain access to valuable tools and in this case betray his allies so that his craftworld survives. A double betrayal of sorts. It was certainly fun to write.

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