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And thus the story is finished... Word count: 992



Varas Halden burst through the door, and aimed his bolter down the corridor in front of him. Nothing. There had to be more pirates aboard the ship than the pittiful few that had tried to hold the boarding party off at the airlocks.
He did not lower his aim, even tough no enemies were present. A drawn weapon demanded blood, and one did not draw a weapon if he was not inteding to use it.
He took a few steps into the corridor, and four of his brothers followed after him, all wearing a plain grey suit of power armor. Together they were known as "The infinite sacrifice", the second companys first squad. Varas had named his squad so in respect of the four battle brothers that perished defending the breach at the siege of Ecteneus. The made their way past another bulkhead, and turned to the left. Nothing. The remaining pirates must have retreated deeper into the core of the ship, preparing for an last stand. Or an ambush.

"Cowards," grunted brother Darius behind him. "They have not the courage to face us, no, instead they keep running away from us." Darius was always the one who was eager for the taste of combat, and these sorts of missions were less than suitable for his kind.

"We will face them, rest assured brother, but for some the path of cowardice is easier to walk, that is for granted. They fell from the Emperors light, and they will pay the price." replied Varas, turning to the right and entering a new corridor, with his squad hot at his heals. At the end of the room he saw a black door, with with blue letters saying "Core". From past experience Varas knew that ships of similar class usually had their core levels at the rear middle of the ship. They had to be close. A daring position for a last stand Varas thought, for there was no way out aside from the corridor.

"Forward!"Varas shouted, and as one the squad broke into a run towards the door. Brother Joran sprinted up to Varas side, and hurled a melta bomb in the direction of door. The door exploded, and from behind it came several other explosions, accompanied by the hissing sound of broken venting cores and electric cables. Headless of any possible danger, Varas charged into through the smoke covered entrance, and opened fire with his boltgun. The gun barked twice in his hand, and it was followed by the sounds of las fire and screams. The four brothers of his squad were now standing beside him, spraying a flurry of bolter rounds through the smoke, every shoot followed by the sounds of screams and the sound of exploding bodies. As he marched forward red beams pattered of his armor as if they were mere flies, he fired short bursts, until there was no more return fire, and as he came through the smoke caused by the explosion, he could see a floor pattered with the bodies of the dead. Seven dead, he thought looking at the floor. That could not be all, he thought. The initial scan before the boarding action had revealed over a hundred life forms aboard, and they had met a mere fifth of that number. Where were the other hiding?

"Joran, Heptas. You two stay here, keep the entrance clear. Darius and Metist, with me". After a few minutes of walking through empty corridors, they entered a new room. This one was small, but it was merely a entrance to their objective. They entered a chamber, and in the middle of it, was a ornate table. The table was covered in gold lettering, letters from a language which he did not understand.

"There it is." said brother Darius, pointing at an ornate staff laying on the table.

Varas removed his helmet to examine it. The staff was unlike anything he had seen before. It was made of light blue metal, and at the end of the staff, was an eye. He looked at the eye, and it moved. Varas recoiled backwards, and dropped the staff down. Holy throne of Terra, what sorcery is this? As he gathered his thoughts together, there was a scream of anguish behind him, and the whining sound of a chainsword. Varas drew his own, and turned 180 degrees, only to be faced by a flurry of bolter fire that blew his right arm of. Varas, dropped to his knee, and looked up, to see brother Darius standing there, above the body of brother Metist, with chainsword and bolter in hand.

"Darius?" Varas spitted forth, and his former brother smiled towards him.

"Your kind could never understand this, brother. There is more at stake here than you could possibly imagine." replied Darius, and followed it up by kicking Varas in the face with the sole of his armor.


Varas opened his eyes, and in front of him he saw the armored form of brother Joran.

"What in thrones name?" asked Varas and rose up breathing heavily. He looked at his right arm, or the placed were it used to be. Instead there was a crude bionic arm.

"There was no better replacement to get on the ship." said brother Joran, looking at Varas arm.

"What happened?" asked Varas.

"Darius sent a request for aid, he said that the pirates had attacked and you were pinned down. We found you and the body of brother Metist, but we could not locate brother Dar-"

"No! I remember now. We were never attacked by pirates, brother Darius betrayed us, he killed brother Metist, and he almost killed me."

"Impossible, brother Darius would never..." Joran went silent, and his eyes were filled with hatred.

"We must find him. He took the artefact. With it..." Varas hesitated for a moment, before continuing, "With it, he could unleash such terrible horrors that generations yet unborn would scream out in anguish."


It is to serve as a prequel for a story in my chapters, the Vigilant Icons, background, and that is the reason for the odd ending.

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