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Originally Posted by Brother Arnold View Post
Slaanesh: This is spare time? A Slaanesh Marauder's spare time is eternal! They just do all they can to get some twisted pleasure. We're talking drugs and torture here. They also write plays, novels and poems, and compose symphonies whilst painting the greatest artworks you can see in the Warhammer world, including the famed Moaning Lisa. Anything else is behind a curtain, and you can hear sounds of passion and thumping as it's going on. For the slowest among you, they'd be having sex. Oh, and don't forget the running away from "Nurgle cooties"!
If you read Daemon World, though its more 40k base, you see tribesmen on the world actually have sex with their women and daemons. And they actually really love their daemons as when the main character goes in trying to kill the daemon they all sacrifice their lives in vain to fight the guy off. So slaanesh is all about that stuff.
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