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I have always imagined that under the armor the Warriors of Chaos still look mostly human...ish. At least enough so that they can participate in activities other than marching around and roaring. I would imagine they probably spend a lot of time maintining their weapons and armor, as they are gifts from their Gods. Each Warrior likely spends time modifying and personalizing their gear, and probably has hobbies and talents of their own. Agreed though, depending on the alignment of the Warrior or tribe, certain activities are likely more prevalent.

Khorne: I would imagine that outside of the most dedicated berserkers even Khornate Warriors take some down time. They probably are fond of hunting, and I would imagine entire tribes particiating in some sort of Fight Club, to keep their skills sharp without thinning their numbers too much.

Tzeench: Naturally Tzeench warriors likely spend most of their free time plotting and scheming and counter-scheming. When they want to relax, I imaging they probably favor intricate and detailed activities like macrome or scrimshaw, or strategic games like chess or go.

Nurgle: Like their god, Nurgle followers are generally jovial and personable. I'm picturing all manner of games and hobbies and amusementswith a slightly decaying and diseased twist. Outside of the ooze and decay, I'm sure a Nurgle settlement looks very similar to any other Norse village.

Slaanesh: Aaah, Slaanesh. Slaanesh settlements, such as they are, likely resemble the bastard children of the Marquis de Sade's id and Xerxes' tent from the 300, and everything is buried under massive piles of cocaine. Like, enough to ski down.

That's how I see it anyway.

But yeah, I mean it about the cocaine.

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In our embrace of the pleasures of the flesh we feel the embrace of the Dark Prince
She asks nothing of us but to enjoy life, and in doing so we bring glory to Him
Give up your petty faiths and morals and join us in the bosom of the Goddess of Pleasure

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