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Originally Posted by Mossy Toes View Post
My previous post sort of illustrates why I've got high hopes for A Dance With Dragons (to be released July 12th, 2011!), actually. Daenerys seems to be the sole exception to what I've been talking about. She arises from the ashes of destruction (and not only metaphorically) not embittered, but determined. She has lost the last scraps of what made her naive, leaving only a force to be reckoned with. It appears that she is the sole remaining redeeming faction in the series...

So I'm looking forward to getting that next book more than I was in picking up the few books before it, really.

Of course, GRRM will probably piss on these last few embers of my hope, but...ah, hell. Whatever.
I was actually going to make that point but felt too tired to type it out. But I agree with you on that, out of all the characters in the entire series Daenerys is the only one who is fit to rule anybody, or a kingdom. She is strong but she realizes she must learn how to be a queen and unlike Cersei Lannister she cares about her people and wants the best for them.

So i'm quite looking forward to A Dance with Dragons, mainly for more of Dany and her Dragons. Very much looking forward to see what will happen to Drogon after, what he does in the book.

Originally Posted by SteelSpectre View Post
The author says that no character is safe in the story, all of them are capable of dying. However I feel there is one exception to that rule, Daenerys Targaryen. Without her the entire Eastern Kingdoms storyline falls apart and the return of the Dragons with it, her storyline is enough that many other characters will die before she is considered, at least in my view.

Edit: This may interest a lot of people.


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