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According to his facebook site:

"My friends at Harper Collins Voyager have confirmed that the British edition of A DANCE WITH DRAGONS will also be released on July 12 of this year, simultaneously with the American edition."

(Please ignore what it says on Amazon.UK. I am sure they will get it right eventually)

Yeah, I've been reading the series since it first came out. But it takes so long for the books to release I'm going to have to re-read all the books, and get a refresher course in what's going on. I read the Feast and with all the references to the prior books, I admit I was lost for a bit. Yeah, I love the series but I still kinda got mad that the Starks are scattered far and wide with none of them (kids) knowing their siblings are alive. It is really a great series, almost comparable to the LoTR books, with less fantasy and more realism..for the most part at least.

Wonder what this does

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