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Default Winning HOES

This thread is the place of honour reserved for those FanFic writers who have won the monthly Heresy-Online Expeditious Story Challenges. After each month's voting is concluded, the winning story will be added to this repository.

So, for any authors that are looking at joining us in a competition, this is a good place to check out some past winners in order to find out how to become a winning HOES writer!

Table of Contents:

HOES #1: Panic - Bane_of_Kings: Emperor's Blood
HOES #2: Thirst - C'Tan Chimera: A Wretched Silence Examined
HOES #3: Betrayal - Mossy Toes: Survivor
HOES #4: Turning Point - Ckcrawford: The Last Tower
HOES #5: Hatred - Akatsuki13: All That is Left
HOES #6: Contagion - Svartmetall: Becoming
HOES #7: Vengeance - Adrian: The Girl on the Black Ship
HOES #8: Mercy - Adrian: A Portrait Rendered
HOES #9: Doubt - Serpion5: In the Face of Reason
HOES #10: Deliverance - Taliesin: Deliverance
HOES #11: Overcome - Mossy Toes: Apotheosis
HOES #12: The End - Mossy Toes: Remembrance

HOES #12-01: A Beginning - Serpion5: Another Chance...
HOES #12-02: Into the Fire - Dave T Hobbit: Kidnapped
HOES #12-03: Rebirth - Davidicus 40K: The Cycle
HOES #12-04: Annihilation - Mossy Toes: To Comprehend (It Matters Not)
HOES #12-05: Falling Rain - Liliedhe: Lacrimae Faralis or Tears of the Dead
HOES #12-06: Restitution - Liliedhe: The Mothers' Gifts
HOES #12-07: Duty - Liliedhe: Rust
HOES #12-08: Loyalty - Adrian: Inquisitor Repentant & Dave T Hobbit: Freedom
HOES #12-09: Family Ties - Bloody Mary: The Brightest Star
HOES #12-10: Failure - Liliedhe: A Question of Perspective
HOES #12-11: Innocence - Mossy Toes: A Memory, Sundered

HOES #13-01: Last Stand - Jonileth: Defense; Futile
HOES #13-02: Grace - Romero's Own: Flames from Heaven
HOES #13-03: Contempt - Liliedhe: The Splinter in my Brother's Eye
HOES #13-04: Competition - Liliedhe: Fuses
HOES #13-05: Treachery - Liliedhe: Out, Damn Spot... & Lord of the Night: He Who Betrays First
HOES #13-06: Serenity - Bloody Mary: Serenity of Purpose
HOES #13-08: Absence - Lord of Night: Lost Memories & Ye Olde Grandma: The mortal affection
HOES #13-09: Delay - Adrian: Worry is Bad & Veteran Sergeant: Delay
HOES #13-10: Relaxation - HonorableMan: A Last Lho-Stick
HOES #13-11: Illusions - Firemahlazer: The Craven Beast & Xabre: A Nightmare Unseen

HOES #14-01: Irritation - Xabre: The Three Wise Men
HOES #14-02: Endurance - Xabre: Lessons of the Masters
HOES #14-03: Granite - Myen'Tal: Maw of Granite & Xabre: Earth, Steel & Fire
HOES #14-04: Infamy - Dark Angel: Brotherhood
HOES #14-05: Laughter - Dave T Hobbit: Chuckle
HOES #14-06: Certainty - unxpekted22: Mayhem
HOES #14-07: Resurrection -unxpekted22: Of Verdurous Nature & Myen'Tal: The Fire of One
HOES #14-08: Vision - Myen'Tal: Sacrifice for Victory
HOES #14-09: Carnage -
HOES #14-10: Wealth - Warhawk: Those Who Count
HOES #14-11: Carnage - Moriouce: Mind War
HOES #14-12: Flight - YeOldeGrandma - Skydancers

HOES #15-01: Theft - Asmodai: Underhive Thieves
HOES #15-02: Memory - jonileth: Catastrophic Loss
HOES #15-03: Alliance - Brother Edmund: Alliance
HOES 15-04: Schism - Honorable Man: A Las-Flash in the Night
HOES #15-05: Patience - Adrian: Dogs of War Beyond the Scope
HOES #15-06: Riot - Adrian: In a Riot of Colours... Perfection
HOES #15-07: Confusion - Adrian: Alive and feeling good!
HOES #15-08: Claustrophobia - Brother Emund: Honora ad Finem
HOES #15-09: Inconvenience - Brother Emund: It ain't nuffink
HOES #15-10: Disguise - Treesniffer: One Day's Hunt
HOES #15-11: Celebration - Brother Emund: Don't Count Your Chickens & andygorn: Unveiled & Treesniffer: Dance Night for the Dwarves

HOES #16-01: Sadness - Brother Emund: The Pain of Sacrifice
HOES #16-02: Certainty -

Heresy-Online's Expeditious Stories Challenge 13-06: "Serenity" has started, get your stories in by July 11th!

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