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My gaming group is in and around Coshocton, Oh. It's definately a little out of the way town and we drive 45 minutes to the nearest indy store. Luckily, a few of us got into WH40k in high school and conviced more and more people to play as some of the older players moved or got out of the hobby. When we get together to play it can be anywhere between 2 and 10 or so people, averaging around 5. I've convinced 2 of my groups players to join here and they are Warmaster Faustus and Eldest_Exarch. We typically play weekly and just started getting together weekly for a painting day as well. We all love to get in some games with different players seeing as how we've played each other hundreds of times so we try to go to tourney's at the closest indy store when we can. Our group ages range from 13 (I think) to me, 24, being the oldest player, most around 18. When we play home games we have 2 boards and plenty of terrain to cover them both, so we have 2 bigger games or split the boards in half and can have 4 1000pts per side games going at once. We're all used to friendly play and patience as we have taught countless people how to play the game (always recruiting, lol). The closest indy shop holds 40k and WFB tourney's at about the same frequency so I assume they have a fairly even number of players in each, but it seems like there's a bit more 40k players than fantasy. We also make the runs to Columbus (1hr. 15min. drive) to visit the indy stores there quite a bit. They seem to have some supplies and paint that we can't get anywhere closer. I've never been to an actual GW store in my life, and I don't think anyone from the gaming group has either.

Thats mid-Ohio in a nutshell I guess. We're lucky we have such a large group of 40k nuts in one place and a place to go and play or we wouldn't stick with the hobby.

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