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I live in malmesbury in southwest England my nearest GW is in the pit that is Swindon. we have gamers from as young as 10 to guys in their late 30's to mid 40's. most of the community are hardcore must win wankers. there are a select few guys that play for the fun of it but most of them use that as an excuse when they don't win. There seems to be more than 2-3 takes on some of the rules like line of sight; how you check it, what size a piece of terrain should be (some guy says it goes as high as 6), and how 40k combat works. The GW has two 6' by 4' tables both halfed so we have to battle on 3' by 4' tables. There are usually tourneys going on but I never seem to be around when they are statred. One of the staff there is extremely biased towards people he likes and you can easliy tell because he asks who is doing what before he makes his choice of what should happen. However the local gaming club the swindon dragons sounds to be awesome. you have to have an adult (18+) accopany you if you are below 18 years old i think there are 10 tables of various size and themes.

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