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You've got to think of it as two different sides to dealing with vehicles: destroying and suppressing them. Most balanced list need the ability to do both. Meltaweapons and their ilk (railguns, would also fit in there) are the only decent way to deal with av14 (unless there's a side shot in the mix), and with ap1 they tend to actually reliably kill things. Missiles and Autocannons (autos being better for lower armor values and always awesome) are good at stunning/suppressing vehicles. Remember that while weight of fire adds up, you just need to stop vehicles from shooting in most cases.

Some lists like Vulkan, immospam, etc. focus on just vehicle kill, but most balanced lists take both. Mechdar has Fire Dragons (our only melta! woo! lucky us!) and s6 spam, plus some brightlances (and brightlances most assuredly count as suppression, not kill), SMurfs have melta plus autocannons, as do guard, etc.

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