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Best AntiTank:Long Range(DL, ML, LasCan)vs Close Range(Melta)

Pertaining to shooting attacks only, what do you guys find the best way to destroy or neutralize Vehicles?

Statistically Melta weapons are significant more effective than Dark Lances, Missle Launchers, and Lascannons. But they do suffer from needing to being up close. A Heat Lance has a 21% chance of destroying AV 12, while a S8 Dark Lance only has a 7% chance. That is 3x more effective!

But then again, being able to stun and stop enemy vehicles from fireing turn one is often more desireable then wrecking them on turn 2 or 3 with more reliable Melta weapons.

So what do you guys perfer in your competitive army? Melta, long range anti-tank, or some combination of both?

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