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The whole Chaos codex needs to be replaced with one that rivals the Space marine codex dealing with the main renegade legions not just Abbadons private club the black legion, it is long overdue that all the original 'traitor' legions were shown some love by the GW team and perhaps they could release subsequent codices for the Cult traitor legions including demons for each Chaos Power accordingly which can be used without having the main chaos codex on similar lines to the Blood Angels, space puppies etc.

Weapon choices etc, the chaos marines have been fighting non stop since the heresy, they have won countless battles against the imperium but dont appear to be able to use the inevitable bounty of captured equipment and weapons that a defeated imperial army would undoubtedly leave behind. They are still limited to the weapons they would have had at the time of Horus's great revelation for the future of mankind.

I have recently returned to the hobby after a 8 year break, the vast majority of the chaos model range has not changed, they may argue that the demand isnt there but if the codex is not entirely inspiring and the model range so restricted what do they expect.

Chosen marines need personal icons, if you can infiltrate why not give them the 5 point equipment to allow reserves to land on a specific target giving them the same value as the much cheaper imperial scouts....

Drop Pods ......

The opportunity to equip our army with the contents of the wargear book, whats the point in including plasma cannons and multi melta's when the option to actually use them is not included.
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