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/tg/ leaked some of the pages from the WIP Codex, therein causing much raeg - especially concerning Draigo. Again, the pages are blurry, but Draigo is depicted as having massive amounts of plot armor, getting sent into the warp by M'kar and destroying tons of daemons in there, killing a Bloodthirster and using the remains of its shattered axe to reforge his sword, burying M'kachen in tons of rock when he tried to tempt him (you'd think the Daemons would know better, but Ward disagrees) and setting fire to the Garden of Nurgle.

Just to put this in perspective, it took 100 Grey Knight Termies to banish Angron and his daemonic host, and only one (Aurelian) survived, but Draigo apparently managed to fight and win all across the Warp for an unprecedented amount of time, considering the way time runs in the warp. And according to Matt Ward, he is so super-godly-awesome that daemons became scared of him. If that's not plot-armor, I don't know what is.

Sure, there's a modicum of tragedy behind being trapped in the warp forever and being released into the material world a couple times before being drawn back again, but the question remains: why in teh God-Emprah's nehm is he not dead yet?! The presence of copious amounts of plot armor nullifies whatever tragedy there is and brings it right back to stupidity.

Still, the codex isn't being released until around April, so we'll just have to trust Alan Merrett to do the right thing.

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