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Default *SPOILERS* New fluff on the Grey Knights

Just got hold of an advance copy of the upcoming Codex: Grey Knights. It's blurry yet readable, with scarce pictures, but the rules and subsequent fluff are all there.

Reading through the whole thing, three things struck me as being really interesting for fluff-addicts like myself.

*SPOILERS from here*

Justicar Anval Thawn

Without explanation, this eternal warrior has died countless times to the daemons of chaos, and each time he has been resurrected days, hours or even minutes after being slain, healing completely from any physical injury as well. The librarians of The Grey Knights have fruitlessly tried Thawn for daemonic corruption, finding no taint whatsoever. Hence he is once again drawn to battle, forever untill the end of time.

Lord Kaldor Draigo, Supreme Grand Master of The Grey Knights

Being both famed and cursed upon his first dealing with the daemon prince M'kar The Reborn, Draigo was yanked into the warp by the out-phasing M'kar on their second meeting. For untold time he has wandered the Realms of Chaos slaying daemons and traitors alike. No foe has ever had the best of him, and now only the most crazed Khornate followers will knowingly oppose him. But in the impossible Realms of Chaos, Draigo is himself an impossiblity. He can never restore order, and every time his zeal has destroyed legions of daemonic followers, they will always return.

Recently he has experienced being drawn from the warp as any other daemonic creature, through the sorceries of corrupted psykers, and several times has he been reunited with The Grey Knights. Fighting alongside his brethren untill his eventual departure back into the warp like the daemons they slay.

NB!: The previous Supreme Grand Master, Janus, is mentioned several times in the Codex, as well as in Draigos entry. Janus was slain by the Daemon Primarch Mortarion, whereafter the enraged Draigo cut Janus' name into Mortarions rotten heart, an insult the Daemon Primarch has never forgotten. (It doesn't say how he gained access to his heart)

Inquisitorial henchman: Jokaero Weaponsmith

Yep, we finally get rules for the little-seen Jokaero race! (Which means they will be a bigger part of the fluff).

With no changes to their background, they are still heavyset, orange-furred space apes with a passing resemblance to the orangutans of ancient Terra. They are described as unpredictable in their work ethics, as they, like ork meks, get inspired in their work, rather than having an overall plan. Hence, should they choose to fickle with a lasgun it might be turned into a much more formidable weapon, or may simply undergo some purely cosmetic changes.

The whole thing is a bit Matt Ward-esque. I think Draigo is the worst example, being able to stay incorruptible in The Realms of Chaos and phasing in and out of reality like the daemons themselves. Oh yeah, and that he OWNED Mortarion

Hope you enjoy!

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