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Oh, and for 1k points...

farseer, doom

5 fire dragons, wave serpent, shuriken cannons, chingun
5 fire dragons, wave serpent, shuriken cannons, chingun

5 dire avengers, wave serpent, eml, shuriken cannon
5 dire avengers, wave serpent, eml, shuriken cannon

some war walkers till you're out of points, or perhaps some fire prisms. The Fire Dragons may seem a bit excessive, but you're going to want them in quantity, and eventually will want 3 squads of 'em, so...

For a combat patrol/40k in 40 minutes game I'd suggest something lile
Eldar jetbikes, warwalkers with scatters to taste, plus something fun to goof off with. Combat patrols don't let us use transports, so EJB become better.

If all of those hulls seem daunting/hard to come by, consider taking a unit of rangers or jetbikes (the latter would fit with the combat patrol army) and just hiding them really carefully behind vehicles. They have move-shot-move, so they should be able to pop out for shots when it's appropriate and then turboboost off for objectives. Rangers can hide in cover and either snipe or go to ground for a 2+ save in cover.

For cheaper WS hulls I'd check ebay and craiglists, etc. for deals. There's a lot of stuff with a terribad painjob that you can use Simple Green to remove.

Originally Posted by Sethis View Post
I'm probably going to follow my usual Eldar tactic of driving around the table "circling and screaming 'I don't give a fuck' with my windows down and system up" and avoiding anything that looks scary.
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