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Exchange the Razorback (with the 10-strong sternguard unit) for a Rhino. This unit then gains the flexibility to combat squad or stay together.

Scouts with heavy weapons shouldn't need meltabombs. I am not a fan of telion, but acknowledge others like him.

With those changes, consider typhoons (HB/TML - NO MM) and changing one (only one) vindicator to AC turret/ Las sponsons predator.

175 - Chapter Master - Pedro impersonator
100 - Librarian - Nullzone, Gate of Infinity

360 - Sternguard Squad x10 - Combi-Flamer x4, Combi-Melta x3, Combi-Plasma x3, PF, Rhino
280 - Sternguard Squad x6 - Combi-Flamer x3, Combi-Melta x3, PF, Razorback (Las/Plas)
250 - Sternguard Squad x5 - Combi-Flamer x2, Combi-Melta x3, PF, Razorback (Las/Plas)

105 - Scout Squad x5 - SR x4, ML, Camo Cloaks x5
105 - Scout Squad x5 - SR x4, ML, Camo Cloaks x5

Fast Attack:
90 - Landspeeder - TML, HB
90 - Landspeeder - TML, HB
90 - Landspeeder - TML, HB

Heavy Support:
115 - Vindicator
115 - Vindicator
120 - Predator - TL-AC, LC Sponsons

1,995 used. 5 to throw away.

If it works for YOU, then it isn't never a wrong choice. With Love, Mao.

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