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I'm temped to tell you to drop something to get some Typhoon Launchers on at least 2 of your Speeders. I find the versatility of having 2 Frag or Krak each turn invaluable. Plus it has longer range than the vindicators so it gives you the ability to reach out and touch your opponent while the vindis move into threat range. The opponent might ignore your speeders at first seeing the vindis as a bigger threat until you start launching multiple missles and destroying transports or decimating troop formations. By turn 2 he is now forced to keep going after the vindicators (as they are likely to be in range to nuke something in the next firing phase) or the speeders since they are fast, mobile and thus able to get flank or rear shots.
So far I have only been fielding 1 speeder with a MM and Typhoon Launcher. It is generally ignored at first because, 1) it is sitting behind cover launching 2 missles or 2) the opponent is more concerned about my advancing razorbacks and vindicator. Food for thought....
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