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Default Jimmy Gunns Crimson Fists, Orks and.............

Our fists are red,
Our armour is blue,
If your ugly and green,
We're coming for you.

ha ha. So as promised here is the start of my Crimson Fists.
I've started off with a 6 man tactical squad and their going to be put in a razorback.
The shoulder pads and backpacks are the metal GW ones, I think i'll get some of the forge world stuff soon.

I'm pretty happy with how they turned out, the base coat and wash was done with an airbrush which has been my best buy this year.
(Big thanks to djinn24 for the advice on which one to buy)

The sergeants head and power fist are taken from the assault marine box set.

The best model I think so far is the Ginger guy with his helmet off.
I had a moment of geekspiration and thought it would be funny to have a representation of me.
For him I used bits from a few kits and the head was brought off bits and kits

More to come very soon.

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