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Pleasure Palace


A town called Edens Doorway.

Apt name for an apt region. The Town was set against a breath taking beauty of untouched hills and skies as blue as the ocean that hadn't been raped by the mechanicum and Imperiums ever hungry need for resources,

“Shore leave boys and girls, Make the most of it, we are here until we are moved on elsewhere”

Commander Derax had a good smile and she cared about her unit, She didn't much care about anything else and I would sometimes wonder how she had come to be so syncial. It only took me three years to realise that the only glory that awaited me was a mud pit somewhere on some world that no one really cared about.

Or, Like Renae, buried in a burnt out husk of a tank or rhino somewhere.

Derax might have been pretty once, in fact I am sure of it but whilst her face showed a youthfulness about her that had some of the men giving her sly glances; her eyes told a different tale.

One that I would come to know very soon.

Heavens gate was her world of choice for shore leave and, every couple of years she would come here with her unit for some much needed R and R.

I must admit I could see the attraction. There was not one sight of a war machine guarding some Imperial installation. The sounds of the dead or the dying did not invade the air, in fact the only sound that invaded the air was the sweetest sound of bird song.

As I moved round the town, breathing in clean untainted air I noticed that there was nothing remotely Imperial about this world and there were no statues to the God-Emperor anywhere.

When I asked Havlin, Derax's trusted second why this was so, he just said that this was a world of pleasure and such things should not be seen by the Emperor, in case it corrupted his purity.

I shrugged a little but I didn't believe it all I mean, if the Emperor watched over us all ever day then he is gonna see the real true sights that human nature had to offer. So seeing two humans rutting was not going to bother him in the slightest when he had probably just seen a woman gang raped by renegades or a man blown to pieces cause he trod on something that looked like grok crap only to discover it wasn't.

“Just enjoy yourself Corporal, that's what the Commander wants. We are here for a while.”

He motioned to a building at the end of the street and with a smile on his face walked off in the other direction,

I liked Havlin, you knew where you stood with him and I discovered he came from my fathers home community back on Renate.

I lit a I-Ho stick and stood looking at the buildings around me.

There were bars, restaurants and I am certain that the house at the end of the street was a whore house.

I was going to discover that it was much much more then that.

The house was nothing remarkable on the outside, just like a large town house except white washed to beat off the midday sun's heat but inside, one inside it all changed.

The colours were so garish and random that it hurt my eyes to look at them for long but the smell of hashish and other substances was strong and made my head swim. As I took in more of the surroundings I noticed her for the first time and she was coming towards me,

She was Voluptuous and no words could truly describe how my heart beat in time with her sway. Her hair was a riot of colours and her purple eyes were flexed gold. As she took my hand she led me past a room that had bodies entwined with bodies.

Men and women having noisy and very energetic sex whilst involved in other games with other couples and centre of the pile was my commander and her face was pure ecstasy.

I hardly noticed that her uniform was now devoid of any and all imperial insignia.

I was led up a old wooden winding staircase and into a room that had satin and silk bedsheets with big silk pillows. The woman whose name was Deandre gave me a bong to smoke and told me to take a long and deep inhale.

Each inhale was longer then the first and after each inhale she would perform acts on me that no woman had ever performed on me.

By the time I had taken the thirteenth toke I saw a face so beautiful appear in the room with us I wanted him or was it a she? I was not too sure.

I raised my head for a better look but Deandre lay my head gently down and told me the master wanted to observe and give his blessing.

What could I say, as I started making love to her this walking angel was whispering in my ear, showing me how to pleasure her better and their hand upon my skin drove me beyound anything I had ever known.

Deandres nails racked down my back only serving to drive me to acts even more amazing then the last and with each bout the god – for only a god could look that beautiful – would tell me that this is what his warriors were about.

That the corpse I had been serving could offer me nothing like this except an eternity of slavery and death. With this god I could have all I wanted all the pleasure I wanted and all the sensations that came with it.

When I finally slept my dreams were filled with the brightest sounds and colours and Deandre would attend me once more. By the time I came fully to my senses I was alone and sweating from my excursions.

I took another hit of the drug and pledged my soul to the beauteous god who said his name was Slaanesh.

Word count: 1029
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