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Originally Posted by Takana77 View Post
Toying around with pedro and sternguard and wondering about this. It's a variant of a list I use, that has 3x sternguard, 3x scouts, 3x typhoons and the rest being the same, which I like using.

Hi there let's see what we have here :D

175 - Chapter Master - Pedro impersonator
100 - Librarian - Nullzone, Gate of Infinity

400 - Sternguard Squad x10 - Combi-Flamer x4, Combi-Melta x6, PF, Razorback (Las/Plas)
280 - Sternguard Squad x6 - Combi-Flamer x3, Combi-Melta x3, PF, Razorback (Las/Plas)
250 - Sternguard Squad x5 - Combi-Flamer x2, Combi-Melta x3, PF, Razorback (Las/Plas)

I have the impression that those 5 footslogging sterns are a waste. I would go 6/5+libby/5+pedro
u can either add a 5 man strond SM with another razor or some more scouts in the squads

135 - Scout Squad x5 - SR x3, ML, Telion
105 - Scout Squad x5 - SR x4, ML, Camo Cloaks x5, MB

Fast Attack:
70 - Landspeeder - MM, HF
70 - Landspeeder - MM, HF
70 - Landspeeder - MM, HF

Heavy Support:
115 - Vindicator
115 - Vindicator
115 - Vindicator

3 Vindicators seems to be an overkill and due to lack of long range AT i would advise the Predator Las sponsons Autocanon for 5 more points

The first sternguard gets combat squaded. Pedro goes with first half in razorback while sergeant goes with second half. Librarian goes with the other 5-man sternguard squad in razorback. That way each squad has a PF in the mix.

Vindi's push for the throat with razorbacks in tow. Speeders hopefully light up some AV when they arrive. Scouts guard rear. The loose sternguard can either stay back as well to help guard rear or footslog forward behind the armoured spearhead and can hunker down at mid-field (camp midfield objective) and start shooting infantry that want to assault the tanks.

Normally, I take TLLC for the razorbacks but thinking I'm gonna give the las/plas a go (counts as for a few tries) and convert up 3-4 for the ones I have if they do well.

Had 5 points spare so gave the scout sergeant a MB to help with any AV/LiteMech that might show up in the rear.

Something else I could also do is kit out the footslogging sternguard with Combi-Flamer x3, Heavy Flamer x2, Lightning Claw, Melta Bomb so they are a bit more counter-assaulty-like for going after stuff that wants to get close to the tanks. Just an idea hehe.

Oh well, thoughts and C&C appreciated.



nice thing is u have 5 scoring units 3 mobile 2 lets say static
Land speeders are fun to use on turn one u can block his armou by puting LS in front of his tank going flat out could be useful and give vindis time to advance well i think that is it just my 2 cents
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