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Default Infinity Armies

Infinity has recently caught my eye as an exciting, fast passed game. It is played much like warmachine and the other warhammer classics, but it is built for small "scrimige" matches that cost around 200 points total (around 4-10 modles). One major difference that makes infinity stand out is its "reaction" based shooting. All shooting is Simo so you get to shoot back in just about any case. The game gets really complex, but the lack of gigantic armies being played on the table makes the game very easy to follow along and most rules are very straight forward. If you have any interest in this game, check out their website at Infinitythegame.com. You can take a look at the all the different models in each army and all the rules and stats can be downloaded for free. Start soon because its getting popular

For those of you who have already started the game, tell us what army(s) you play and why.

I just started a 200point Nomads army. I like the Nomads because they are really big on the hacking of enemy mechanised models. I enjoy sitting back and shooting the enemy with their own TAG (big bad beast of each army) . Besides the hacking, the Nomads also have a very nice TAG of their own. My main stragety with these guys is to exploit as much of my hacking ability as possible, but still have decent firepower should it be my opponent doen'st field anything I can hack. Another key reason I chose the Nomads is because their modles are beautiful. In fact, most of the Infinity models are very well made.

A little off subject but, does anyone know why the Haqqislam remotes don't match anything else in their army? I mean they have a 6 legged, bug-looking TAG and then you have these chicken legged walker.....things..... as remotes. This is the ONLY complaint I have about any of their models. Everything else either looks BA or has some humor behind it.

All in all, Infinity is a cheap, fun and entertaining game that won't take a lot of your time to play.

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