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Originally Posted by Khorne's Fist View Post
D) Take five man WG packs with jump packs and TH/SS. They'll get to an objective quick and be very hard to shift. Or they can bounce around the board making pavement pizza out of your enemies. Points heavy, but if you're playing Loganwing, you'll be happy to pay it.
A jetpack taking guy costs 43, add 50 and you have 93 points invested in a single figure, never mind the 4 other guys being taken. I donno, but I prefer 3 single thunderwolf with the same toolout, because they get extra toughness and cost almost 40% less. Or not take the stormsheild and be 60% cheaper.

Generally speaking, pure termie force often ends up being relatively small and often are not tough enough to make up for their lack of size. (5 Termies? Nothing a concentrated bolter assualt can't wittle down.)

To not take as many termies: These guys can be taken in mixed formation, often a single termie to 4 men. In a drop pod force, it provides much the same firepower with less cost, easpically since you can put combi weapons and put out a stunning first turn of high quaility shooting, or opt to foot slog and fire with cyclone. Either way, it allows you to keep your high weapon quaility, yet takes advantage of the normal, but fantastic 3+ armour save all marines take for granted.

As for equipment, I imagine most would have two combi weapons and a chain fist on the Cyclone termie. Some may opt for a second fist, but it's often best to come back later after you brought everything else, more then one way to put punch into a Loganlist.

To take many long fangs as possible: As mentioned, the long ranged firepower these guys provide is always fantastic and will often make up for any size differences. Only issue is these guys are not terribly mobile, but often end up under eastimated. When you have a cyclone in every squad, the numbers of missles adds up.

Another idea is to take Thunderwolf, it won't provide many more bodies, but it will provide a potent melee aid that can get to exactly where it is needed within 2 turns. Many small packs take advantage of the special weapon and maintains that Elite factor the list aims to achieve.

Lastly, scouts could be an alright idea, but it's not seen often due to it's randomness compared to the more stable above options. A sneaky cheap combat unit could swing battles in small ways.

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