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Originally Posted by Androxine Vortex View Post
I remember hearing somewhere that if the Emperor dies then he wouod be reborn and would destroy Chaos? I don't think this is true but I have heard it a couple of times.
Yes, the Starchild theory back from the rogue trader era.

The essence of the dying Emperor leaves a psychic imprint in the warp which is fuelled further by the feverish worship of the Emperor, by the entire Imperium.

When it grows strong enough it will be a force of order in the warp, a fifth god; And it will bring order that can overcome chaos.

These days anyways... Back in RT it was all happy-ending like. Now they focuse more on the implausability of the whole thing and the potential side-effects: If the twisted forces of chaos corrupted the new god of order, it could potentially destroy the whole Imperium!

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