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Default I present, Abaddon the Despoiler

I present to you the scourge of the Galexy, the prodigal son of Horus the Warmaster, the Champion of Champion of Chaos, the Lord of the Black Legion, the Bane of the Imperium, the being who's name is a blight on a thousand world, The Leader of the Black Crusades...

Abaddon the Despoiler!

There are a couple tiny areas I need to fix up with green stuff, but the project is 99% complete! I set out on this project with a personal drive, to update Abaddon to a form and size that A- Matches up with the newer models, B- is iconic and unmistakable, and C- Does the character justice. I feel the final product of this project has succeeded in meeting these goals.

I'm not stranger to doing conversions, but in the past I've had some trepidation about converting new versions of existing models. Will my conversion be recognizable as the character? Will it look as good? Will I get all the War gear on him he's supposed to have? When I set out to update Abaddon all of these questions were on my mind, and truthfuly the fact that it is Abaddon made the challenge all that much greater.

I admit, a year ago I wouldn't have done this. There was just something about about rebuilding a model that's already been made that seemed.. I donno, arrogant. Like I'm saying the original model isn't good enough. Perhaps it was Tzeentch weaving it's magics about me that offered an opportunity for change. A while back I had begin hosting Conversion challenges. While each challenge was different, there was always the challenge of each that people seemed to enjoy immensely.
Well life kinda came up and smacked me in the face for a bit and I was unable to actually host the 4th challenge in the series.

Well, WarInHeaven decided to run the challenge in my place. As luck would have it, I managed to have about 6 days open up and was able to enter the challenge. Something about the challenge made updating an existing model just feel different for me. It didn't feel quit so... arrogant now. I entered a hastily converted Abaddon. While the initial conversion was decent, I knew I could do better. So now I was personally challenged.

The result is what you see before you.

The single largest point of inspiration was the cover image of the Eye of Terror Codex:

How'd I do?

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