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I really like the list. If you want just a touch more anti tank you could add a couple combi melta's to the termies, or melta bombs here and there. I think theme wise the Oblits fit great, and don't underestimate that blast master.

Personally, I miss my Bloodthirster so I had a huge issue with the generic Greater Daemon. However, after using him a couple times, he's more than worth his point cost. Especially coming in from a raptor squad, assaulting right when he comes in. He will rip through tanks and troops without issues. Usually my GD does twice his points cost in damage to the enemy before going down. I've even seen one stand toe to toe with a Carnifex kitted out to almost 200 pts and bring it down to 1 wound before dropping.

I think worse case scenario this army will be a lot of fun to play and to play against. It will test peoples tactics to an extreme. Most people aren't ready for a solid infantry army, especially not one as fast or manueverable as this one. Good luck.

*Sorry, just realized this was a pretty old list that happened to be commented on yesterday. Maybe you could let us know how it worked out for ya Culler.

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