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Default What's next after HH?

Right now, we know the BIG storyline is the telling of the Horus Heresy. While I've not read it (yet), I'm sure it's a great read (as a whole). But lately, I've got to thinking:

What's next? What is the next big read that folks will clamor to? As was explained to me not long after I started getting interested in the 40k mythos, was that (essentially) everything in the 40k universe is 99% in the past and we're living in the last 1%. (i.e. all the really good stuff happened in the past)

While it's debatable whether or not GW will ever move the 40k "story" forward at all (beyond baby steps they seem to do), what can they hope to offer folks who've been around for the last 10-15 years to stick around another 10-15 years? (story-wise at least, let alone via the game).
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