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I might be missing something but the little DA icon suggests he isn't going to have access to las/plas or assault cannon razorbacks. Its either the heavy bolter or lascannons. I'd go with the heavy bolters unless you really need another anti-tank weapon. AV11 is fairly fragile for a 30 pt upgrade but if you plan on it hanging out in the backfield with other bigger threats, laspreds for example, it could be worthwhile. If you are playing DA you could also put a 5 man melta suicide squad in there.

If your not playing DA I hear wonderful things about assault cannons quite a bit...

I'd assign heavy weapons for the tacs by role you expect them to fulfill. If you have one that you plan on sitting on the backfield objective the missile launcher is king for versatility and range. I honestly, wouldn't put heavy weapons on squads that will be moving forward, unless you plan on combat squadding them. Plasma cannons are great for what they do and put a serious dent in teq forces assuming they don't scatter or blow up in your face.
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