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I'm a little leary of the 1 rhino equipped squad, along with the land raiders will be a major target for anti-armour weapons, then you're left with a unit foot slogging across the field. But still, both lists look fun to play, I just prefer to have a more mech oriented list.

20 Death company with jump packs $132
Astorath $17
Lemartes $15
Never using them in a successfull game? Really F**king annoying.
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Burn the fluff, kill Matt Ward and start all over again?
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Can Draigo beat Mephiston? Can the man who gave Mortarion an internal tattoo, stomped on Nurgle's prized daisies and foursome'd Lelith Hesperax into a sated kitten all by himself consistently outperform everyone's favorite dwarf Swarmlord?
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