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Well a bit of a major update here. I've been working on Abaddon a fair bit the last couple days.

That's an over all shot of the model thus far. here are some more detailed shots:

I completed the trophy rack by adding a Sorcerer-ish looking helmet, that's been properly beaten and broken of course which is mounted atop a Geanstealer's skull. IN the back is a Necron head mounted on top of a Dark Angle's helmet. For some added grotesqueness I attached a pair of tethered skulls to the back of each of the exhaust stacks of the back of the model.

I figure Abaddon would be a fairly decorated fighter and thus would carry signs of such decoration in the forms of talismans and icons. TO show this, I've attachs a couple hanging Icons on the armor. There's a Khorne icon hanging from his right knee while a Chaos undivided talisam adorns his left hip plate.

Here are some shots of the converted Talon prior to attachment. I think it pretty well speaks for it's self.

Next step... the head. Oh this is going to be fun.

I have to say, this project has been really challenging. Firstly because this is the first time I've put this much forethought and planning into a conversion. Seriously, about 85% of the work I had laid out before I purchased the parts. But secondly because of the level of detail I'm putting into the conversion. I mean I've done detailed conversions before, but something about this one is different. This isn't some random commander I decided to make a name and model for. This is Abaddon. Love him or loath him, everyone knows him. His model has been a staple of Chaos Marine Codexes for more then a decade. I've always felt a certain amount of trepidation about converting an established character and this was no exception. Thus far I have to say, I'm liking how this is turning out.

As always, comments and criticisms are welcomed and encouraged.

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