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Charity begins at... work!

Now for some pretty cool news from my end of the warp!

I was having a conversation with on of the nurses at work about my hobbies whilst I was ready 'Fulgrim' on my break. She told me that her eldest son used to do the hobby but 'grew out' of it. Now normally i'd of taken slight offence at this but then she said these magic words:

"I've got un-opened boxes for the science fiction ones at home would you like them?" I of course said, "of course what would you want for them?" Then the next bit of awesomeness was she wanted nothing!!!!!!!!!

The next day I was presented with a MKIII Razorback and a squad of scouts! which nicely boosts my army for no money! and now she is going to give me more of them when she gets the chance to bring them in.

Oh.... There is also the face she has a carry case full of SM's hopefully I'll have a massive army to 'repaint' to my colour scheme!

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