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Hmmm..... lets see here..... The Eldar have warp technology. Oops, did they just win the battle? Seriously, the Tau have nothing that compares to the power of the warp. Tau have awesome suits with cammle toed pilots, the Eldar have awesome suits with x-conehead spirits as pilots. We have mastered the art of crystaline lasers and plasma weaponry. On the other hand, Tau do have a better understanding of "programming". by that I mean they have bomb targeting capabilities and pin-point accuracy. Their skimmers still have the occasional problem of crashing, at least more than the good 'ol Falcons . I think there is a huge difference in the TYPE of technology they both excel in. The Tau are good with "programming" and are really tech. support styled. The Eldar are good with break-through, "no other race can touch this scientific feat" type technology (more scientific). When it comes down to it, Eldar still win in my books

Mark one win for the cone heads!
Mark one loss for the cammle toes!

Hm, how hard is this Eldar "super psycher" stuff? Let me give mind war a try. VOTE FOR ELDAR OR I WILL RIP YOUR BIG TOE OFF......

Did it work?

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