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I've never really came to this site for it's visual appeal. No offense but in that regard it's kind of bland. Even though this is by FAR my favorite 40k/wargaming site. The layout and functionality are the best and most people I've talked to are great!

I'm going to try and come up with something and post it up. Could be a while though, have a lot of work to do.

I'd just like to offer up some advice to everyone else coming up with ideas...and you can take it or leave it, I'm by no means a professional. This is going off what was said about the colors and everything staying the same. Try to use black as the back drop to whatever you try to do. It always looks better if the design flows with what it is fitting into. It makes it look more like part of the site rather than a random picture on the site(like the one now does...no offense.)

Just my personal opinion at least. It's one thing to have a cool picture and another to have a good looking seamless banner.
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