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Competitive Blood Angels tweaking 2500pts

This is the list I'm going to bring to the next free for all tourney in two weeks.
Keep in mind that I hate Mech lists. So tell me what I should change. As this money is helping me go to Australia over the summer. Also for a fact I know I will face mech orks a IG gun line and a Death Guard army.
Commander Dante 225 Attached to flamer squad

Librarian w/jumppack Blood Lance,Unleash rage 125 attached to a melta squad

6x sanguinary priests w/ jumppacks 600pts one attached to each jumper squad

3x Ten Man Assualt Squad w/ Melta's 630pts

3x Ten Man Assualt Squad w/ Flamer's 600pts

3x Whirlwind 270 pts

Land Speeder w/Heavy Flamer 50 pts
Total: 2500

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