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Originally Posted by djinn24 View Post

Take this one, make the back ground black, thicken the letters, make the inner parts of it a dark red/rusty look, depending on the rendering program, make it glow from that part slightly.

Make the outter part black steel with about a 33-50% reflective and maybe guild the outer area with a dark brass patterned in a 40k style.

In the 8 point star make the eye red steel with about 65% reflective and the rest of the star pewter or a dark stEEL with a medium reflective state.

I would have a white light from the front with a medium intensity and a top light of bright red with a bright intensity, and maybe a light from the bottom with a low intensity dark blue.

Been a while since I have done rendering but that should look pretty badass and fit with the current website theme.
It's too chaotic. The emperor and horus with an aquila holding an eye is original and balanced.

Chaos star isn't happening
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