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Well, the Empire should place a bunch of guns in their keeps and fortresses on Gisoreux Gap if they're attacking. Then they can fall back to the forts if they're being beaten, and when the Brets pursue them *boom*. And the same if Brets are attacking, except the Empire's at full strength if they get through Gisoreux.
Also, the ST would hold up a lot better than that Kulzanar. Especially with all the greatest heroes of the Empire amongst them. They're better trained than Bretonnian peasants, even if they aren't more numerous. I'm not buying this "the Brets would win because the Lady wants them to" crap, Sigmar and Ulric would be watching this war too since it's their entire nation at war. There's a ton of Knightly Orders in the Empire, and they're all united. None of those feuds and rivalries that the Bretonnians all have for the most part. Maybe to a minor extent between Templar Grand Masters, but not as much as the Brets. This could overcome any outnumbering the Brets have. The capitals of Knightly Orders are KO. Is this a hint about their awesomeness?
And Steam Tanks are a lot more resilient than that. They'd be destroyed only through really flukey shots that get through the vision slits in the sides and kill the Engineer Commanders. And on this scale they'd probably have apprentices with them to take control in case of that, if they're smart.

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This is a warhammer forum. Everything is a military operation.

I have spent the last 25 minutes doing reconnaissance on my kitchen for operation: Cup of tea.

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